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SELANZA ENTERPRISES was founded in 2013. Since then we have strives to Manufacture and Wholesale a very high quality range of boxing equipment at the most competitive price points...
SELANZA ENTP has taken pride and pleasure in being able to be a part of the exciting and competitive world of Sports and we have made the entire Globe the stage for our activities.

We currently offer more that 1200 product lines in our website and are constantly striving to add the latest innovative training tools and resources to our already extensive product line to offer our clientele the best possible products and services whatever your sporting requirements may be.

The high quality products that only SELANZA ENTP can produce are today relied upon by Athletes throughout the world. 

We produce superior quality equipment for serious performance though a combination of technology specialized manufacturing knowledge, professional testing and experience.

Today the high quality products that only SELANZA ENTP can produce are relied upon by Athletes, Martial artists, personal trainers, Boxers and business owners internationally.

If you are serious about your sports and you would like to Train, fight and Win the SELANZA ENTP is for YOU!
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